spikethekitten (spikethekitten) wrote in bad_service,

Creepy Chinese delivery guy

Not that the delivery guy was Chinese-- he delivered Chinese food.

I lived in Johnstown for a few years while going to school.  During that time, I occasionally ordered Chinese from the local Szechaun place.  It was reasonably priced, especially for the amount of food you got, and it was delicious.


The delivery guy was the creepiest of creepers.  He was a bit older than me-- probably five years-- and had the douche-bag gel-spiked black hair and wore a couple of gold chains, and he would always be on the phone when he walked up to your place.  When I lived in a house off-campus, we only ordered from him twice because he was so creeps.  When he'd deliver my food, he'd stand there forever trying to talk to me and look in my house.  Apparently, he'd delivered to the people who lived there before and was interested in what the place looked like, but I wasn't about to let him in to look.  He kept trying to stick his head in and would keep saying "So, I like what you've done to the place" and asking me questions like "How old are you?  Do you have a boyfriend?  Is he here?  Do you ever go out on the weekends?"  He had a band called "Wyld Thyngs" oh yes, spelled that way specifically, that he always plugged and would always invite me to come see.  I stopped ordering from there because of him.

Turns out, he did this to pretty much every female college student ever, because whenever I talked about the guy (there was only one guy, small place) all the girls around would say "Oh my God, that dude!" and talk about how he'd keep them in the doorway talking forever and comment on stuff in their room.  Some friends of mine that haven't graduated yet moved back up there recently for school and I heard from one of them today that that guy is still there and he's still creepy.

Ugh, shudder.  I guess this is more of a wtf_service than bad_service, but still.  It did cause me not to go back!
Tags: *restaurant, anyone over 25 is gross, cool story bro!, you gotta speak up

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