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My friend and I have weekly lunch at a local pizza place. We always order the same thing, and the guy who works there knows us by name and that we work at the same place, etc, etc. We always call the order in beforehand and then eat it there. It's never been a problem, as when we go they are usually dead.

We really like this place, the food is great and the guy who works there is super friendly. But they were recently taken over by some new guy, who we met yesterday. (For story's sake, before they got bought out or whatever, they were charging $1 for a soda refill, and yesterday I noticed the sign was gone.)

We went in, and told them that we had called an order in. The manager was at the register, and I ordered one drink to go with the meal. He asked if we would be sharing, because we weren't allowed to share. This was a new rule, we've always shared a drink, and when I asked why we weren't allowed to, he scoffed and told me, "where would that leave me?" My friend gave him a weird look, but he brought his own soda from work so it wasn't a big deal. Since I noticed the refill sign was gone, I asked him if there was still a charge to refill my soda. He made an 'UGGH' noise and told me that since my friend and I were sharing a soda (we weren't), I would have to pay double for a refill. He charged me for two drinks (like I said, we always order the same thing and it's always the same price), and I mentioned it sounded a little high. "Oh, I guess I hit it twice on accident." Not necessarily a big deal, but he was really rude and short about it.

When we got our meal, the guy who usually works the register talked to us for a little bit because his band is playing a show soon and he was telling us about the bands they're playing with. We're having a good conversation, when the manager calls him to the back. He gives us a sad look and walks back there. The manager comes out, and tells us that we're obstructing his staff. I figure it's a joke, and start laughing a little because it's kind of awkward. It set him off or something, or at least he realized how stupid it sounded, because he got really friendly and started asking us if we could get him a discount where we work. (We can't, and it didn't seem to get through his head that we're corporate owned and can't do discounts.) While he was standing there (after complaining about us taking up their time), two other customers had come up and were waiting to order. The place had been totally dead before.

We finished our food, and took our plates up to the counter. My friend had put his drink in my cup, because there was ice in it, and was drinking it. The manager saw that, and started flipping out because we were "sharing." My friend took the lid off, reassuring him that there was Mountain Dew in the cup, not Coke, and told him he wanted his drink cold. The guy tried to get us to pay for a (double) refill, but we refused to. After both of us just giving him weird looks, he told us that we owed him a 50% discount where we work, and we just walked out.

New manager at my favorite restaurant is a jerk.
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