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I'm not a horny housewife...I swear

I generally work 3rd shift and take evening classes. We've had a ton of problems with our unit over the past 3 months and I'm normally the only one at home when the maintenance guy comes. My fiance works a normal daytime type job, so, he's rarely there.

We've gone without AC for for the past week in 100+ degree heat, we've had no working stove for over a week (this was a couple months ago) and a ton of other totally legit issues.

I have gripes with what a crappy place this is to live when we pay a decent amount of money to live here...but...that's not even the primary issue.

I seriously suspect the maintenance guy thinks that I'm just calling him over to flirt with him and he hits on me all the time. It's not so overt so that I could complain, and he's the only maintanence person for the entire complex so I can't request someone else (and I need this shit fixed!), but I'm really getting to the point where I can't stand him.

He appears to be on a first name basis with me even though I have no idea what his name is and he acts as though the many, many, many trips he's made to my apartment (due to issues that seriously effect our quality of life) are like social calls from me. I find it puzzling and gross.

If someone were home with me it wouldn't be as bad, but, I've gotten to the point where I literally hate him coming into my apartment.

There is nothing I can do if I want this shit fixed and he's not done anything I can really report. He just has bad vibes and way too familiar of an attitude.

I can't wait until my lease is up, I've never lived in a shitter apartment complex.
Tags: ^wtf, not a horny housewife, you gotta speak up

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