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Electronic Store Return

Edit Called corporate, they apologize; "looking into the situation;" refund

I live in Minnesota and recently got back from vacation from southern Texas. On vacation I bought a cheap digital camera to "make up" for the one I thought I forgot to pack. After getting back to the hotel, my mother informs me she found my camera in her luggage. Knowing I wouldn't need the new camera, I called the electronics store and confirmed that I would be able to return the product anywhere in the United States. (I had purchased the camera in Brownsville, Texas.) I would have returned the camera to the store I originally bought it from, but the closest store was nearly an hour drive one-way and I didn't feel like driving it again.

I get home six days after I purchased the camera and return it to the closest store to my house. The man who "helped" me ... well, it went something like this:

Electronic store clerk (ES): Sorry, you can't return this here.
Me: Why not?
ES: You didn't purchase it at this store.
Me: Look at the back of the receipt, it says that I can return it anywhere in the original country of purchase.
ES: *looks at his co-worker* Um.. *looks around* I'm going to have to get my manager.
Me: Ok, no problem!

[I wait a few minutes]

Manager: Hi, what can I assist you with?
Me: I want to return this camera.
Manager: Sorry, I can't let you return the camera.
Me: Why not?
Manager: Don't try to scam us, you probably already used the camera.
Me: No I did not, the seal is not broken. If you won't let me return it, I'll go elsewhere.
Manager: I'm telling you that you can't return the camera here. You can't return it at the store down the street. You have to return it where you originally bought it.
Me: I called the store where I bought it and they said I could return it anywhere.

[at this point I'm ready to leave with my camera and receipt, then things get interesting]

Manager: Is that so? OK, I'll give them a call. *manager leaves to make a phone call*

*manager returns within a few minutes*

Manager: I'm going to give your camera back to you so you can return it to Mexico.
Me: I didn't purchase it in Mexico.
Manager: Yes you did. The person who answered the phone spoke Spanish or something.
Me: Oh, I'm sorry to have wasted your time.

I take my camera and receipt. and as I leave

Me: Brownsville is in Texas, look for it on the map. It is near the Mexican border, some people speak Spanish, but most don't.

tldr; I can't return my camera because I bought it at a different store. Then manager says I can't return it because I purchased it in Mexico. Manager makes himself look like a racist asshole.
Tags: electronics store, xenophobic screwball
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