Pips (thesqueak) wrote in bad_service,

GapCard Woes

Due to some financial problems, I was behind on my GapCard payment. When I finally had the money, I went to their website to pay the bill (I had $25 due and I paid $60). They sent me to CheckFree to make the payment, which I have no problems with - I've used their service before.
Well, the next day (this was last month), I get a phone call from them. They said that payment had been denied because I was behind on the bill and they couldn't take third-party payments when the payment is late, and I needed to find some other way to pay them. Ok, fine, I can do that... I gave them my bank account info so they could do a check-by-phone. Once again, I paid $60 on it, assuming that the other payment hadn't gone through.
Well, this past week I got my new bill from them - $120 less than it was last month. I check my bank account and, sure enough, both payments had gone through. The guy on the phone lied to me - he specifically said that they had denied the payment because my account was overdue. The double-payment screwed up my account balance... I'm lucky I hadn't already written checks for all of the money in my account, or I would have ended up with an overdraft.
If it wasn't for the deals I get on baby clothes on clearance there, I'd just pay off the card and cut it up.
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