Crystal (thegully) wrote in bad_service,

Our waiter apparently hated us

I live in Brooklyn and there is an Italian eatery called L&B Spumoni Gardens that is well known for their Sicilian pizzas. When ordering, you order the pizza as a half pie. One half pie is 12 slices. If you want 24 slices, you order two half pies. The orders have mostly been right but there have been a couple of occasions where there were issues. One time in particular, I ordered 2 half pies and the delivery guy showed up with 1. I told him we ordered two and he immediately got an attitude and said we were lucky he had another in the car. Lucky to actually get what I ordered?!?

Today, my boyfriend and I and another couple went to L&B's to have lunch. I hadn't actually eaten in the restaurant before and we decided to give their other dishes a try. The food was delicious. The waiter sucked.

First of all, the waiter didn't appear to take our order for 10 minutes. In that time we didn't get any water or bread. Once our order was taken the drinks took a while but the food came quickly after they did. When we were done with drinks, we sat and waited for the waiter to check on us so we could ask for more. Once it was obvious he wasn't going to, we tried to flag him down but he kept looking at us but walking away. My friend was on her way to the bathroom when she actually walked over to him and said we needed more drinks but by the time she came back from the bathroom he still hadn't come by our table.

When we finally had a busboy track the waiter down, the waiter came and took our drink order but didn't listen to what we said at all. One person who had ordered soda earlier didn't want one this time but the guy kept repeating, 3 sodas instead of 2 and ignored us when we corrected him three times. Then the waiter took my boyfriend's plate away even though my boyfriend hadn't been done eating. My boyfriend was busy talking to our friend at that moment so he hadn't noticed. My boyfriend was actually the only one with food on his plate (he'd been waiting for his drink to finish eating), but the waiter didn't take any of the plates that were empty.

When the waiter returned with the wrong drinks, he insisted that we had ordered the extra soda and when my boyfriend told the waiter that he hadn't been done eating, the waiter also insisted that my boyfriend had said he was done. That was total b.s. In the end, he comped us the side dish my boyfriend hadn't eaten and didn't charge for the extra drink but he looked annoyed as he gave us the bill as if it were our fault that he had messed up.
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