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Student Teaching HELL

Last semester, I was student teaching, and had probably the worst experience ever. I guess this qualifies as bad_service since she's technically performing a service for the college and getting paid. Anyway, my friend told me to post it here so I could get it out of my system.

The cooperating teacher I had was an absolute bitch, and almost cost me my degree.

First, I did not get my placement until the schools were off for Christmas break. I call the school and leave a message, but I call back on their first day back to make sure they get my message. I give the secretary my name and ask her to leave a message for my co-op. I wait a few days, and no call. I call back to make sure. Leave another message. Rinse, repeat for the next 4 days. I got for my frist day of student teaching, meet my teacher, and you know what her excuse was? "It was after 2 when I got the message, and I thought that was too late." WTF?

From the first day, my supervisor and my co-op don't get along. Great, I'm stuck in the middle. My co-op complains to me about my sup, and my sup complains to me about my co-op...real professional. I won't go into all the drama between them, but there was alot, especially with my co-op not returning calls from my sup.

My co-op is generally unhelpful. I'd take the kids down to be picked up, I'd come back to the room, and she'd be gone for the day. No feedback or anything. I had to handwrite one of my lessons since my computer died on me, and she told me sup that I was being unprofessional since I could just use her computer, which she never said I could and I didn't have her password. There was, in general, no communication at all except between my sup and myself.

My sup wants to have a meeting with all of us. Okay. It basically turns into my co-op attacking me, even though I was just asking for more feedback from her so I can improve, and her basically attacking me saying that she does give me instruction but I just don't follow it. I spend the next 45 minutes crying, and move on.

On my last sup visit, we had out last meeting. Which consisted of my co-op totally disrespecting my sup, them fighting and walking out. My co-op also tells me that she's giving me an unsatisfactory for my student teaching (basically saying that I shouldn't be a teacher). Which gets my sup even more mad.

I set up a meeting with the head of student teaching (aka, professor of awesome). He tells me that my co-op has been emailing him the whole time telling him that I wasn't giving her lesson plans (which I had been, for every lesson), and that I was, in general a horrible teacher and person. He goes through the reviews and final evaluation from my co-op. He notices that all her reviews had been positive, except the final evaluation. He tells me that he'll remove the evaluation from my file since it didn't match up with any of her reviews. If he hadn't done that, I would have had to do student teaching all over again.

It ended well, and I had an AMAZING teacher and supervisor for my next placement who also gave me tons of feedback. But that teacher totally ruined my self esteem for a while. Every once in a while I still have doubts about being able to teach because of her.
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