Sarah (whysperingwynd) wrote in bad_service,

No love for some truckers

Quick complaint to truckers.

I'm the first to defend you. People say you're gruff, ill-tempered, and vulgar. Yeah, sometimes you can be, but in my experience, you're some of the most under-appreciated, laid-back, awesome people I've had the pleasure of working alongside. I love your crude jokes. And I think you get way too much crap piled on you by people who don't understand how damn hard you work.


You know that our receiving doors close between 12:00pm and 1:00pm. The hours are posted on the receiving doors. This is for our lunch hour. It's the only break we get, and we get it 5 hours into our shifts. When it comes, WE'RE F**KING HUNGRY. So if you come at 11:58 with five skids, I will not let you come in.

It's inutterably rude. Yeah, 'technically' we're open. But if we're going to walk down that road, then 'technically' I'm going to yank up the dock leveler and close the door on your truck the second that clock strikes noon. And you know what? We WILL give up part of our lunch if you're a great guy and just happen to be having a bad day. If you do this repeatedly, you can go fuck yourself.

Seriously. Your poor planning is your problem. We MUST be back here at 1:00pm, and we CANNOT extend our break to make up for lost time. What you're literally saying to us is "My time is more important than yours".

Being rude doesn't get anyone anywhere. So please, provide us with prompt delivery and respect, as you are supposed to, and we will work our asses off to help you on your way so you can make all your stops on time.

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