Mary (horsphreak) wrote in bad_service,

Autobody suckiness

About two months ago I nicked my left side mirror on my poor Focus on a telephone pole (it blocks about 1/3 of the driveway...complete pain in the butt). I got an appraisal at home for $150 but my mom never got around to dropping the car off while I was away (but that's another story of annoyance). I came back to school after a month of disconnected mirror (with a very attractive duct tape sling) and got an appraisal at Portsmouth Auto Body for $90...yippee! The same people own the top-notch dealership I bring my car to for service so I believed I'd get the same awesome treatment. Not so.

The appraisal was done on 1/24, a Monday. They said they would order the part that day and it would be in within one to two days and they'd give me a call. I waited two weeks without a call. I called them and the guy working the desk got snippy saying, "I have a pile of invoices in front of me! I'll look through them. I have your number!" Click. Not amused. He never called back. I called today (three weeks after the first visit) and he was sweet as can be. "Oh, I'm sorry I never called. Please forgive me." He KNEW he never bothered to call. It wasn't a mistake. I believe I was getting pushed aside for the more expensive repairs coming in after a couple major storms. I did get an appointment for tomorrow and he said I can wait for it (30-45 min). We'll see how that goes.

I didn't expect this awful service (the attitude and lack of call) from them. Makes me think twice about where I'll go to get some other body damage repaired.
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