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NEVER use UPS.  They made an attempt to deliver my new phone.  My old one broke and I rather need my new one.  So I called the insurance co and even after confirming my address, they still put it in wrong.  So I notice on the tracking page, it says "A CORRECT STREET NUMBER IS NEEDED FOR DELIVERY. UPS IS ATTEMPTING TO OBTAIN THIS INFORMATION / A POSTCARD HAS BEEN SENT TO THE RECIPIENT REQUESTING THAT THEY CONTACT UPS."  If they have the incorrect address, how do they plan to send me a postcard?  So I call UPS and the guy says for security purposes, he can't change the address, only Assurant (ins co) can.  After I got put on hold off and on for ten minutes, she confirmed the wrong address and put me on hold again to FINALLY get it right.  Now the UPS guy had told me if I got the address corrected, they would send it back out.  So I got it corrected and called UPS back.  Now I am being told that it is company policy that they only try once.  So Assurant had to redeliver it.  It was only 9 a.m. by the way.  So it was not towards the end of the day or anything.

So I am waiting for my phone to be redelivered today.  Yesterday, I was going to be home all day.  Today, I've got things to do.  I called UPS to see if there was anyway to know about when to expect the package.  They just said before 7p.m.  So I find out it's not even on the truck yet.  I ask if they can just keep it at the station and I will pick it up while I am in town.  Nope.  That's against policy, too.  They have to make at least 1 attempt  to deliver it.  But only 1 attempt.

I feel like they are so caught up in their policies to make their jobs easier, they don't give a care about customer service.  Lesson learned: always ask if I have another shipping option.
Tags: shipping shenanigans
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