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Allergies = suck.

To give a back story, about 3 months ago I was happily sitting at my office desk chatting with a patient, my eye got a little itchy so I rubbed a little under itand went on my merry way.

That is until it started to feel like there was more in my eye.. and more itchy... I tried to not scratch and would just gently rub the surrounding skin in hopes that something was just stuck in my eye... ;( Nope.

My next patient at work (Im a receptionist) comes out to pay and takes one look at me and goes "ARE YOU ALRIGHT!?" uh.. yea, thanks for your concern I'm....fine? I had NO Idea what he was talking about until I went into one of the treatment rooms and caught sight of my eye, I nearly jumped back just looking at it it shocked me so freaking much!

My entire right eye was red, swollen and on the right half of it was yellow, as if something was built up behind it. It was itchy as hell at this point, I kept trying to put compress on it in hopes to calm it down and eventually I got so worried I left work early to go to the clinic.

I get to the clinic, with my sunglasses on. I arrive at 1, am told to sit and wait, I, and about... 15 other patients sit at this clinic for over an hour with more patients coming in steadily, until someone comes out and says "Yea.. we've known pretty much the whole time the doctor wasn't going to show, you'll have to leave and come back later". Uh.. what? We waited an hour, and we have to come back and HOPE we'll see the doctor then in 4 hours? 

To add to this, these office assistants are *always* rude, this is not an isolated thing, they bark, never show a single amount of compassion and are just general grumpy butts everytime I am there. I felt the way they handled not bothering to tell us the doctor wasn't even IN when taking new patients was crap.

Anyways! I came back 4 hours later, waited 20 minutes and got in to a see the Doctor (who was amazing, and laughed at me wearing my sunglasses). He said it's an allergic reaction to SOMETHING, it's a bad one, over the counter drops and allergy pills weren't going to cut it and I needed the heavy duty drugs. Fantastic, I get my prescription, he says he is setting up an appointment with an allergist and someone will call me with in a couple of days.

At this point, I"d like to point you to the top of my post where this was THREE MONTHS AGO.

About 2.5 weeks ago I went back in for a separate complaint (go food poisoning!) and politely asked the woman who brought me into the room why no one had phoned me (you CANNOT get through to these people on the phone, so this was the best time to ask). She said they had my wrong phone number. She reads it out. Uh...  no, that's my phone number. Are you sure? Yea, I've had it 3 years and it's pretty darn unique. Really, cuz it was the wrong number.


My guess is someone misdialed, didn't bother to CHECK what number they dialed and brushed it off.

I confirm my phone number AGAIN - and I STILL haven't gotten a call back! I've had occasions where my eye has gotten very irritated and had to put the drops in, but they are expensive and I'd rather know what the allergen is so I can hopefully avoid it!

I don't know what to do anymore short of finding another doctor and begging for a referral, this is getting ridiculous.

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