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at&t hell

If you find AT&T bad_service boring or old news, skip this one.

At the beginning of May '08 I was preparing for a move that would be happening around June 1. It's a little early, but I like to be on top of things. I called to transfer my then current internet service (AT&T U-verse) to the new location, and much to my surprise, even though it was only a few blocks away, they did not service the area. They asked if I wanted to set up DSL with them. It was kind of on the spot and I just said sure.

So I'm transferred to DSL services. Turns out they only have limited speed availability in the new area for DSL. I'm not too happy about it, because I like to watch streaming videos and make large downloads. But at this point I'm feeling like it's better than no internet, so I set it up. I get to thinking about this over a few days and realize that it is just not going to work, so I call back and cancel. Keep in mind that this was for service that was to start a month later.

Fast forward 2 months. I get a bill in the mail from AT&T for a month of DSL service. Hm. So I call, explain, they say sorry and that it will be taken care of. Apparently the account wasn't canceled, even though I did get a cancellation number (ugh, did not keep it.. I know, dumb).

The next month I get another bill. I call, explain, "so sorry," "the deduction hadn't processed before they sent out that bill, but it is fixed I assure you."

About a week later I get a bill stating $0 balance.

About a week after that I get a bill stating $100.49 balance. I call. Explain. Apparently the charge is for the modem. They had sent the modem to me in the mail right after I had ordered service. Because I did not live in the new residence yet, it was returned to sender. The operator looked at their records which showed that they did, in fact, have the modem in their warehouse. She said that the charge was cleared.

About 2 weeks later I get a very nasty letter stating that if I did not pay the $100.49 immediately, they will turn me over to collections. It goes something along the lines of "We have given you several chances and you have obviously chosen to ignore us." I felt like my best friend in middle school was writing me a note in class accusing me of ignoring her in the hall way. ... So I call back. Not even showing a hint of my brewing anger to the operator. She says that she can see on my account that everything has been taken care of and noted, but for some reason the charge is still there. She says she'll take care of it and she thanks me for being so understanding. Before we hang up I ask her if there is anything I should do to assure that this is taken care of. I ask if I should call back. I ask if I should get some sort of confirmation number. I ask the same questions in 3 different ways because I really just want to make sure I am doing everything. She assures me each time that there is nothing and that everything will be taken care of.

I get a letter in the mail today. Can you see where this is going? A collection agency. On behalf of AT&T. For $100.49. fml

I can not explain the amount of rage. I have never been sent to collections on anything. Is this permanent? I don't even know... How can that many people screw this up? Is it each person or someone down the line?

tldr: I cancel my at&t dsl account before it even starts. Get charged for service. Keep getting bills. Now sent to a collection agency after 5 phone calls with customer service saying the issue is resolved.

I am obviously going to call them tomorrow morning, but how do I know if it will really be resolved this time? Does anyone have any advice? A special line to call? Someone to ask for? Am I screwed?
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