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As relayed to me by my boss.

She paid her mortgage on-line Thursday evening through her BoA checking account to Countrywide (who is owned by BoA). Friday morning, she discovered the payment was sent through as one transaction but a doubled amount. This locked up her account and caused four other bills she paid to generate NSF fees. She spent at least three hours on the phone at work (most of it on hold) between BoA and CW. Finally her boss told her to go ahead and leave early so she could go to the bank to deal directly. The bank tells her there is nothing they can do as the transaction is pending. It should clear on Monday and they will take care of it then.

Monday morning, they reverse the transaction (the entire double payment) and submit her mortgage payment again (the right single payment this time). They balked at reversing the NSF fees but I told her to tell them that THEY caused the issue and if they did not reverse all of them then she would go to the State AG and anybody else to file a complaint. They reversed the fees. She was told her account would unfreeze after 2.

Tuesday morning, somehow a second single transaction double mortgage payment was deducted AGAIN. She didn't know about it until she went to put gas in the car on the way home from work and the card was declined. By the time she had gotten home, the banks were closed so she had to call yesterday.

Yesterday, she spent another four hours on the phone with these fucking idiots. Nobody wanted to help or even take any kind of responsibility other than to say We will reverse the charge once it is not pending. Next time, if you contact us before 11am, we can cancel the transaction before it hits pending status.

WHAT THE EVER LIVING HELL???? Why the hell should she have to check her bank account to see if UNATHORIZED CHARGES are being deducted. And they have kept her account locked up for all but about 24 hours of the past week. Neither side will admit to having any culpability or trying to make sure the issue does not happen again.

I told her to open a new account at a credit union, get her direct deposit split for now between both so she can transfer some auto pays she has set up and once everything is transferred and clears from the BoA, make the direct deposit all in the new account and close the BoA account. Start paying the mortgage via check.

I have also told her to report them to the State AG. She doesn't want to because she thinks because they are fixing the problem, there isn't anything he can do. Maybe the AG isn't the right person, does anyone have any other ideas??
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