yamikuronue (yamikuronue) wrote in bad_service,


September: our apartment is broken into via the window. The thief rips off the screen and damages the blinds (one slat is broken, the screen is the bigger issue). We call the front office to alert them (after the police, of course) and inform them we'll need maintenance.

In between: several maintenance requests are made but not fulfilled. Notably, they come out very rapidly for reports of flooding (turned out the AC was leaking water into the bathroom).

August: still can't open our window because there's no bug screen and it's friggan august, there's wasps out there. They ask us to sign a new lease. We do so, and in the process alert them again that we need a new bug screen. By now, the other window's latch is broken, but maybe one request at a time will be more likely to get through?

A week later. Still no screen. I notice on my LJ that it's been 11 months since I posted about the break-in.

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