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so, today in line to get a sub a the deli in Publix, i watched as the two employees working the counter got into an argument over who was supposed to restock the cooler, which ended when one of them walked off after calling her coworker a bitch and tossing her mustard-spreading spatula back into its vat of mustard. too bad her aim was off and it hit the counter, bounced, and made a fun gooey mess.

i'm glad i was next in line and didn't get that sandwich, cuz pissed-off Deli Lady #2 threw the thing together in a huff and it looked like, well, poo. aaaand we all got to stand in line and wait for backup to get there, which took forever, while DL#2 wiped up the splatter. most of the line walked off, but a few of us stayed: me, because i was picking up for a couple people, and two others so they could complain. at least that was fun to watch.

almost as fun as the register guy who punched one of the cooks @ the Pollo Tropical round the corner a few months ago. (he was obviously insane...the cooks use CLEAVERS for pete's sake.)

watching two employees fight and cuss at each other is pretty much the norm here, though. i've grown up in South Florida, and i cannot wait to get out. because everywhere i go, everyone is so freakin PISSED all the time. i'd love to know why its so.
*noodle arms of frustration*
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