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Burger King

It's not OMGGGG terrible service, but...

I was on my way home last night and stopped at a Burger King to get a small chocolate shake. My husband had to use the bathroom, so he went in and got the shake. He got in the car, handed it to me and on our way home we went. I drank the shake, and was almost done when the straw hit something hard. I thought it was just a super frozen chunk or something so I was stirring it around for a few minutes.

When it didn't go anywhere, I asked my husband to pull over. I put the car light on,


Which, cleaned up, turned out to be:


I guess it's a part of the shake machine?

I called BK Corporate this morning, since I got home at 10 last night, they asked me what store it had been, what the item looked like, if they sent me an envelope would I send it to them?, did I hurt my teeth (?), and for my address. The lady also asked why I didn't call the store and I told her the number that was listed on BK's site for that store was disconnected. And that I thought something like this probably needed corporate attention.

I got no apology, no surprise at all (I guess their machines are always dropping into drinks?), no "hey, we'll send you the $2.50 you're out since you couldn't drink ALL your shake" or anything. I guess I'll wait and see what comes in the mail with the envelope, but I mean... Really, Burger King?

ETA: I can't get the pictures to go smaller, I fail at resizing today, sorry. They're behind a cut at least lol.

ETA2: Ok, the picture is after I had dumped a good amount out on the side of the road to figure out wtf my straw was hitting. I didn't think it was me being overly entitled to ask for something they had screwed up.
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