Isarian Menoptra (isarian) wrote in bad_service,
Isarian Menoptra

Fat Willy's Rib Shack - Chicago, IL

 August 17, 2009


Fat Willy’s

General Manager

2416 W Schubert Ave

Chicago, IL 60647


To Whom It May Concern:


On August 7, 2009 my girlfriend and I came to Fat Willy’s for lunch. While the food was delicious, I felt the service was sub-par and as a result only left a 10% tip. I would like to explain why I did so as a favor to help you improve your customer service.


1)      Our first waiter’s shift ended while we were deciding on our meal choices. We waited 15 minutes before finally having to flag someone down for service. By this time the item I intended to order was gone for the evening, though it had been available when we arrived.

2)      A couple next to us was overcharged for their drinks and told by management that the clearly posted prices in their menu would not be honored. Wait staff passing by mentioned the menus had been outdated for months. It took protracted argument to get management to agree to bill them the posted amount.

3)      The manager on staff made jokes about the “pettiness” of the couple next to us to my girlfriend and I, regarding their frustration about having to argue to be billed the posted amount for their drinks.

4)      Our waitress charged us $71.95 for one of our sandwiches, which I noticed only because I checked my bill after the issue with the couple next to us.


I was shocked by the attitude and lack of service at Fat Willy’s on this occasion, since I have eaten there on other occasions and had fantastic times there. I hope you can take this letter to improve your service.





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