Mondays is for drinking to the seldom seen kid (kittenista) wrote in bad_service,
Mondays is for drinking to the seldom seen kid

Royal Mail suckage

I live in the UK, my parents live in Belgium and, a little while back, I sent my mum her birthday present via Royal Mail's international delivery service, Parcelforce. I printed out an address label on the package which clearly had BELGIUM written on it. I sent it guaranteed delivery by 1pm on her actual birthday.

I went into a post office to send the package and received a recipt with the delivery guarantee. I made sure the address was right, so there would be no problems.

Mum's birthday arrives, the package doesn't. I went online to check the status. The package was not in Belgium. Neither was it in the UK. It was in Germany. It also said: "Attempted delivery but recipient not at home". Surprising that, what with it being in the wrong country and all.

I called Royal Mail up and spoke to a woman who was very confused and kept telling me I must have written 'Germany' somewhere on the package. After being transferred to someone else, they told me it was back on its way to Belgium.

The next day, I checked the status again online and there was another message up saying that delivery had again been attempted to some random unknown place in Germany but was not successful.

My mum finally got her present five days after her birthday.

I just sent another package to my mum but, this time, I sent it DHL. It got there in two days (I was told it could take up to three) and cost me half the price.
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