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Long time ago bad service

Reading a couple of these posts reminded me of bad service I had about 4-5 years ago.

I was going to a Mexican resturant (Don't remember the name of it) with my at-the-time Girlfriend. She always told me how wonderful the place is and how her and her mother loves the place. So I take her there. When we go in the place isn't too busy, only about half the tables are filled. We asked for a booth and the Host looks at me strange and takes us to a table in the middle of the floor. I'm a pretty big guy and my GF at that time wasn't very small either and this place doesn't have much room between tables. I looked at him and told him again that we wanted a booth, so he rolls his eyes at me and takes me to a booth in the far corner in the shadows pretty much. I don't mind I actually like tables like that.
The waiter comes out and blantantly locks his eyes on my GF's chest, no eye contact at all with me, and takes our drink orders. She got a soda and I got a tea. 2 minutes later she gets her drink and I'm just sitting there... I ask about my drink and he just walks off. He comes back about 5-6 minutes later with my drink and takes our orders, still only looking at my gf's chest. She got a platter thing that he stated would take some extra time to make because it wasn't easy to make and I got some enchilada thing, pretty much the easiest thing to make on the menu. He asked me (still only looking at her chest) if I wanted it when it was ready or with her meal. I informed him to bring them out together. About 20-30 minutes go by and she gets her food, the waiter goes back to get mine. 10 minutes go by and still no food or even a sign from the waiter. Finally, I get my food from him and it's cold. I wanted to ask him to heat it up but he flounced off so quickly it wasn't even funny. I was starving at that point because I hadn't eaten most of the day so I just ate the food cold. He came back to ask her if she wanted more drink and completely ignores my request for one. So I end up just sharing her drink because it was obvious that I wasn't going to get one. So we finally get our check I pay it (no tip of course) and we leave and I vow never to go there again. Which is a shame because the food there was pretty good (even if it was cold). Sadly I was really meek and shy back then and didn't request to see a manager, but honestly I don't think that would have mattered much considering the total service I got from the host and the waiter.
Tags: "i'll not be coming back here", *restaurant, customers shouldn't get what they want, line breaks please!, maybe they were zombies, you gotta speak up
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