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LaSalle College, Quebec = Insanity?

I keep hearing horror stories of people in their last semesters at this college suddenly being thrown out for not completing high school prerequisites the college suddenly notices after you finish paying your tuition. They offer the courses you need nearly double the price of regular classes and threaten, bully and harass you until you make a decision.

My friend is having this problem. This past February she received an email telling her that she would not graduate or receive her diploma because she was missing 514 Math. After weeks of trying to understand what the college was asking of her [she already has her high school diploma and proof that she went to adult ed to complete 514 Math] they tell her she's missing 416 Math. Except...how do you do 514 without having 416, I do not know. She agrees, despite having passed it in high school, to retake the course at an adult ed center.

Now, a week before she goes back to school they tell her she cannot return because they had to de-register her and register her again so now technically she's considered a "new student" and new students require 426 Math to be allowed into Early Childhood Education. She asked why they didn't just tell her to do 426 instead of 416 and the director of her program literally said, "You should have consulted someone, I'm not an expert."

Is this illegal? It seems so shady and wrong of them. Is there anything she can do?
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