thegreatmouton (thegreatmouton) wrote in bad_service,

Why do I even shop at WalMart?

I purchased a fish tank filter from Wal-Mart the other day, but it didn't work. So I packaged it back up and headed to the store. When I get to customer service, there's only one person working (we'll call him Joe). The line is just two deep, but the first woman has several bags worth of merchandise that she's returning... with about 10 different receipts and giving a detailed history about why she's returning each item. (Just to note, the waiting is not the bad_service.)

More people start lining up. When there's about 5 people in line, the guy realizes he's going to need some back-up. A bunch of employees walk behind the counter into the back, and I guess one of them is a manager, or he is at least is able to do returns because Joe calls out "Dave, can you help me out?" Dave responds with a "yeah" and then disappears into the back. When he emerges, he's with the gaggle of employees, who are actually working because they have merchandise in their arms to take back to the floor. Dave walks with them, carrying nothing, right by the now 8-deep line, past the cash registers and just stands there by the clothing section.

Joe gets on the phone to see about getting someone else to help out and about 5 minutes later someone logs in and starts helping with returns.

I really wanted to go over and have a little chat with Dave after I finished my return, but he had completely vanished by that time.

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