Lynette (lynbug) wrote in bad_service,

It can lead to bad service..

Last night I went to Boston Pizza with the boyfriend Craig and his friend Keith. It's the same Boston Pizza that I had a problem with in the past, but they redeemed themselves, so I continue to go there.

The waitress was a little too much last night. She recognized my BF and I, and it was like we were long lost friends, or so she seemed to think. She was just TOO talkative with us, when we were trying to have a conversation and make plans for that night. She asked where we were going, and the guys mentioned they were going to a friend's place for a poker tournament, she gave us her life history on how she used to deal poker, her favourite game, the guys she used to deal being on tv now, etc.

We were all planning on having another drink, before getting our bill, but she came and asked if we were finished, because she would like to settle up with us. We just said "Uh, sure, ok" and settled and left.

I just felt it was really rude, she got all chummy and then basically asked if we were done yet, to convenience her.

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