One Marble Shy (treyvana) wrote in bad_service,
One Marble Shy

Ren Faire is Where?

Ok, so I am currently 'stuck' in Bangor, Maine for work- I get to spend four weeks here, and even though home is 'only' 4 hours away, I don't get to go home on the weekends because I work 6 days (M-Sat) a week, and it's 'saving the client money' if I stay here.

Most weekends, one of my friends, or a family member, or my boyfriend will come to visit me, so I don't go crazy from being alone every night and weekend. But this past weekend, no one was able to come up. Meaning I either had to find something to do on Sunday, or sit around in the hotel room all day.

I know there are parks and hiking trails in the area, but I don't really feel comfortable going to those by myself- petite female hiking a trail...just too risky, even if the risk is hyped up and only in my head. So I start searching the intarwebs, looking for something to do. I remember that it is Ren Faire season, and I didn't get to go to one last year (and because of work, I'm going to miss all the ones closer to home this year). I find out that there is a Maine Ren faire, just over an hour south of Bangor. Sweet. AND it's open this weekend! Sweet!!

So, I get directions, and spend Saturday night putting together an outfit.

I drive an hour and some-odd down. I get to the site...and there is nothing. No signs, no people, no cars. Weird.
So, I take out my phone, lookup the page...this is where it's supposed to be, and it's supposed to be here this weekend.

Then a little kid sees me driving around, and flags me down. He lets me know that the faire was cancelled for this year, but that they're gonna try to do it next year. This is information that could have been helpful to me YESTERDAY. I thanked the kid (who had clearly had to let several people know that it was called off- he said that they were thinking about putting up a sign to let people know).

So, I drive aaaalll the way back to the hotel, and hop on the computer, and do some more digging. NO WHERE on the Ren Faire page did it say it was cancelled. The home page had the dates for next year's faire (which I thought was a little odd, but some web pages are just badly designed like that). The Info page had prices, directions to the site, info on costumes, and a schedule of events (10am-6pm but no dates listed, just times and stages for shows). The vendors page had a list of vendors, with the dates "August 8 & 9, August 15 & 16, and August 22 & 23, 2009" at the top. There really was no indication anywhere (other than next year's dates on the home page) about this years faire being cancelled.

Further google-fu found that the ONLY time it came up with the cancellation notice was if you actually searched for 'ME Ren Faire Cancelled'.
On a New England Rennies site.
In a forum.
Near the bottom of the page.
as a forum comment. No actual post or notice about it being cancelled.

Really, I wanted to spend almost 3 hours in the car, waste gas, and still spend the day in my hotel. Really. Thanks.

I understand that sometimes stuff falls through, especially with the times, but would it really be that hard to just put an announcement on the web page?

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