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that's one complicated mixed drink

This isn't the worst service ever, so for those who like drama it might be boring.

BF and I got a hotel to celebrate our 1.5 year anniversary (we didn't do anything for our 1 year, otherwise we wouldn't celebrate silly half-years). It was a couple hours away in a little town so we didn't know where to eat. We found a place called Harvey's, and it was nice, designed well, and the food was great. I only have the one complaint, although it was pretty irritating.

They had a bar area where we had a drink while waiting for our table. We were seated by our waitress, who noted our drinks, and we ordered. We were brought the food, and BF had finished his beer so the waitress took his next drink order, a mojito. I had about a sip left of my drink and she didn't ask me for a refill, but I chalked it up to it being on the opposite side of me and the ice made it look fuller (and anyway I didn't even realize it was almost empty until she had left). When she came back to give BF the mojito, she got my next drink order, a pina colada-ish frozen drink (I'm such a sucker for them). I declined water while I was waiting since I wasn't too thirsty and could wait for the drink.

But on her next check in a few minutes later, she said she was still waiting on the drink. Cool, the bar looked busy. We waited another five minutes and she came back and apologized that it was taking so long and said that she kinda waited back there for it. Alright, it'll be ready any minute now. Except about 20 minutes went by and both BF and I finished our meals and I still didn't have my drink. (BF: "Are they blowing the fucking glass back there?!") I was thirsty, but at that point I was full and didn't want it anymore, but we couldn't find our waitress to let her know. Finally, about 25 minutes after I ordered it, my drink came to the table, which was now empty of plates. I had my boyfriend help me finish it because we just wanted to leave at that point.

As I told my boyfriend, I didn't really know how to handle it because it wasn't the waitress's fault; she seemed really sorry that it was taking so long (it turned out the order somehow didn't "go through" the computer). But my boyfriend said, "If she was a good waitress she'd have been back there on their asses yelling at them for her drink so her table wouldn't be pissed," and that made sense to me. He was paying, so instead of leaving a crappy tip I suggested he just tip on the total minus the drink.

It was just a drink, but really? I think they should have comped it or something. 25 minutes is pretty excessive. We didn't stay to complain so we just went on with our evening to enjoy the jacuzzi room ;)
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