stacey (groovyraspberry) wrote in bad_service,

Bad_Service at my own job.

This is bad service that you'll never know you're receiving, which is what makes it a hundred times worse.

Every time I go to the bathroom, I notice who does and doesn't wash their hands. I will say that I have personally seen 5-10 female employees, TOPS, wash their hands after using the bathroom. (Of possibly anywhere from 30-50 different overnight females.) THIS is sickening to me. There is nothing management can do besides post a note on the wall that says 'Associates must wash hands before returning to work.' Unfortunately, that doesn't work. It is disgusting. Some are cashiers, some are stockers, but the ones that are the worst are those who are working with food. I wouldn't be surprised if we get multiple calls that someone got sick after eating something from the deli or produce sections. It is seriously disgusting.

What the hell can I do? The managers know. They have to. We have a female manager who goes in there, too, while others are in there - while others just immediately leave after using a stall, in which they clearly urinate!!!!!!!!!!!

We also have an older man in his 60's that pisses his pants repeatedly (at least 3x a week.) He works with groceries, which makes it even more of a health hazard than if he did any other job within the store (though they're all a health hazard.) But, yeah... what the hell? He's been doing that for the five years I've been working there... and a manager only said something to him ONCE (about four years ago.) Sometimes, it gets to the point that the spot is larger than the size of a compact disc. It's painfully obvious and I assume managers don't say something because it might be embarrassing for the guy. Well, okay, yeah, I understand that this is a medical condition and it should be treated incredibly lightly, but it definitely has no reason to be ignored! If I was a customer and saw that type of person working with food that I'm going to consume (this can be easily solved - depends? medication?) then I'd just walk away.

I really wish a customer would say something, because everyone knows _their_ opinion matters to stupid Wal-Mart's managers. You know, just see someone in the bathroom use the facility and then walk back out to the sales floor without washing their hands. They come into contact with childrens products, that will inevitably end up in a kid's mouth, etc... WTF?
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