Crazy Meg of Bedlam (smu) wrote in bad_service,
Crazy Meg of Bedlam

Overcharged in SoHo

I was in Manhattan on Friday with my friend, and we stopped at a little cafe on Spring St in SoHo we usually go to called Le Petit Cafe. It's a very small place and the food is good.

That day was the worst experience there. Our waitress was forgetful and unhelpful. She seemed to have trouble remembering our order and it took forever to get our food. It took over a half hour to get two cold sandwiches and an order of fries. I saw a couple who sat down and waited for a menu and left because the waitress just never came over to them.

Despite the wait, the food was tasty. The waitress never came back over to see if we needed anything else, so our soda was never refilled. Once we were finished, she never came to take our plates away and bring the check. We literally were sitting there with empty plates and trying to wave her over for a check. She just walked on by. Finally, we managed to get her to get us a check. We were sitting near the front counter, so we saw her punching away at a calculator to get our total.

When the check is brought over, we see she had factored in her tip. We both thought it was very presumptuous of her to give herself a four dollar tip on our bill. We've never had that happen before at this cafe, and for a table of two people it seemed crazy to demand it. Of course we were going to tip her. Exasperated and slightly insulted, we gave our credit cards to her. We saw her walk behind the counter with them, put them down, and then turn around and start filling other people's drink orders. This really made us annoyed. We had waited all that time for food and service, and now she wasn't even checking us out and was filling drink orders for other waiters? It was the last straw. The owner saw us trying to wave the waitress over so we could ask her to PLEASE just get us out of there. She walked over, asked what was wrong and we said we were waiting for the bill so we could leave. She walked over to the waitress, took the glasses from her hands and made her do the check. FINALLY.

We get our separate bills, sign them, and leave. It was $16.46, which included the tip she had added. The print out had a place for tips, and I put x's through it while my friend put a line. She was NOT getting another tip! We both made a point to rewrite $16.46 on the total line.

Today I see on my bank's website that the cafe is charging me $19.62! I am so angry. Did the waitress try to get even MORE from us? I have my yellow slip of paper that says I paid $16.46! What gives?! I want to call the cafe and demand the money be refunded and an explanation, but I don't know what to say or how to say it. Should I go to my bank directly and ask them to do a charge back? I am just so ANGRY that they're pulling this shady shit. I've eaten there every time I go to SoHo and I've never had a problem, now this time it's a disaster and I'm being overcharged on crap service to boot! I certainly won't be returning now! I can't believe in the seven months since I've been there last, it went to crap so quickly.

What should I do?
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