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Credit Union Credit Card Woes

I pay all my bills on time every time. This includes credit cards; one of which is through a local credit union and I pay it in person with cash. (It's just been easier for this one to do it this way, but maybe not anymore.)

June 26: I go to pay my Credit card bill (due July 4th) in person with cash. Teller tells me it's too early to make a payment and if I chose to pay that day, it would only credit to my principal account and not count as a payment, which I thought was bizarre and that had never been policy before, so I left, annoyed, and decided to go just try later.

July 3: I pay my credit card bill in person, the day before it's due.

July 31: I go to a different branch location to pay my credit card bill, due August 4. I ask the teller how much my payment is and pay a bit more than the minimum.

Today: Decide to stop by my PO box before I go run other errands. I get a letter in my PO box dated August 12 reminding me that my August 4 credit card payment had not yet been received and that I'm incurring late charges. This made me angry.

I have to go home to find the receipt of payment from July 31st... to discover the teller put my payment in my savings account! This makes me angrier, but knew it was an easy fix.

I go back into town to the bank, and apparently, I "missed" my July 4 payment, my July 31 payment went towards my July payment, and that I still owe a $23 balance for my August 4th payment! I was so angry it brought tears to my eyes, which was embarrassing. The teller was very nice and able to get things squared away, is getting all the late fees waived and noting that I was not at fault, I even made a payment for September, but this whole bullshit process took a few hours from start to finish (going home, going back into town, etc.) and I wasn't able to get to run my other necessary errands.

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