Sarah (whysperingwynd) wrote in bad_service,

Out tax dollars at work

Short 'nd "sweet".

My friend and I went to the local police station regarding a sexual assault that I experienced, looking to make an appointment tomorrow to speak with a female constable about filing a report, pressing charges etc.

The doors were locked and no one was there.

Now, if I was being chased or stalked or what-have-you at that moment, and I was anywhere near the police station, guess where I would have ran? And no one's there. Just... wow. I get that maybe there wouldn't be a full team running the place, but you'd think there'd be someone there just incase.


I consider that to be beyond bad service.

EDIT: I didn't realize, until after reading some comments, that this was a common occurance. I live in a small town and I tend to attribute poor service to the lack of funding for these areas. But for the record, the reason I didn't call 911 at the time of the assault was that I was extremely upset, very confused, and frightened; the assailtant was a dear friend of 8 years and I couldn't believe that he had done something like this to me. That was my fault and I accept responsibility for it. That still doesn't absolve him of blame.
Tags: abierto/cerrado, irritated mod, mod comment
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