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This happened a few weeks ago, but my friend and i went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.

Our waiter was nice enough, he took our order for drinks and supposedly went off to go and get them. A few minutes go by and the next thing we know, he's taking care of the customers that just sat down next to us. He immidiatly got their drinks right after they ordered them.

Our drinks were no where to be found. Before i could signal to him that we didnt get our drinks, he quickly moved away. So i'm like, "ok...he might just be busy..." since it was extremely busy there.

At this point, i'm freezing because there was a draft coming from somewhere, we were sitting near the entrance to the kitchen so there were people walking back and forth too much. Thats expected but i would have rather not been sitting there. The people that our waiter just sat down and took care of were loud and obnoxious and the real kicker...OUR FOOD CAME OUT BEFORE OUR DRINKS!

By this point, my friend and i were annoyed, i was even more annoyed because i felt like crap (i had a case of the allergies i found out later the next day) and i had a raging headache because of those people talking loudly.

I told the lady that gave us our food that we didnt get our drinks yet, she had this confused look on her face (i said it nicely because she wasnt at fault) she said that she would find our waiter right away. A few more minutes and then he brought them out...no i'm sorries, no nothing...

We finish our drinks and wave the same guy down to pack up our stuff because i felt like shit and my friend was equally annoyed. So we ask for our check and he charged us for an extra drink...we had him take that off and to put our respective meals on our respective cards...we pointed out which card was who's and what we ordered. It takes him like 10 minutes to get back with our cards...

he split the bill in half which we didnt want. by this point we didnt care, i just covered my friends tip since i had the more expensive meal. I left like 10% just because the service was not that great...

as much as i like the cheesecake factory...that guy just sucked...it might have just been an off day for him...i dont know...but he could have at least said he was sorry...

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