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Ah, Telstra. Do you ever give good service?

We got another really large internet bill, about $1400. Since no one would own up to who downloaded the most, and we couldn't prove who did it, my brother and my housemate and my husband & I went thirds. There was already some overdue from a previous bill at this point, about $180. So we're paying it off, but not terribly fast as we're not very well-off. We got an extension, all's good. Then we get the next bill (we get them monthly). It's another $180 (which is about normal). We add it to the total and keep slowly paying.

Then, on the 10th of August, I get a notice saying $367 is very overdue and we need to pay by the 13th of August or else risk being disconnected. I thought that didn't seem right, and put it aside to tell my brother to call about, since he's the only account holder. But I've been super busy lately and I forgot until I saw the notice today at 5pm. So, before I get my brother to call them, I log into my internet banking and add up all the payments we've made since the first bill of $1400. Then I add up the payments my housemate and brother made, and discover we should only be $171.11 overdue, not $367! I note down all the payment dates and amounts, and hand the phone to my brother. He calls, navigates their hellish IVR, and gets a consultant. He identifies himself, and tells them he'll pass the phone to me to discuss the bill. So I get on the phone, say hello, and wait about 30 seconds for an Indian gentleman to greet me. I tell him I have an enquiry about the bill, again, about a 30 second delay before he responds. I am sssuming it's because he was in an Indian call centre somewhere or something. So anyway, I tell him that I think the overdue amount is incorrect, and what I feel it should be. He asks me to wait a moment while he looks at the account, and then suddenly I hear hold music for a second, then I get a recording telling me the department I want is closed. Only, get this - the recording says they're open from 8am to 8pm.

Baffled, I try calling again. Doesn't matter what option I pick, I can't get a consultant at all now, I get the same recording, telling me they SHOULD be open, but hey, they're not. If we get disconnected over the weekend because of this, I will be so incredibly mad :/

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