pocketpolina (pocketpolina) wrote in bad_service,

Everyone has bad days but still

So my friends and I went to see The Muppets Take Manhattan on the big screen at local independent theater. This sounds like a grand ole' time, amirite? This place also has OMG delicious popcorn made with actual real butter and tasty root beer. So I go to the counter to order some tasty popcorn and root beer because I like food and things happen like this: I walk up to the counter and the girl there gives me a death glare and rolls her eyes before I even say anything.

Me: *smile smile* Hi, how are you?
Her: *glare*
Me: I'd like a small popcorn with butter and a small root beer
Her: *eyeroll and then sigh and gets my food* Nine dollars
Me: *hands over credit card*
Her: *glare eyeroll sigh combo* Do you want your receipt?
Me: No thank you.
Her: Okay *glare*

....did I do something wrong? Maybe I'm overreacting but I just don't like getting the "I hope you die" look when I'm ordering tasty snacks.

In other news the movie theater sells TARDIS t-shirts, go get one now but not from grumpy hipster girl!
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