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No need for an "Ecks"planation...

Hi, I'm Mada ecks and I just joined this community a few minutes ago and I'd figure I add my $0.02 about bad service. So here goes..

A few days ago I was applying for a personal loan to help my mom fix up the house we live in. My grandfather kept hounding me to go through the loan provider that we already have (Citi-Financial) so I wouldn't have to go through another long application process, they would already have me on file and all I would have to do is give them my check stub.

Keep in mind that I already have an account with them. I've gotten two loans from them, paid them off, and was on my way. I had no slow pays. I was always on time. Now with that being said, I wanted to borrow about $3,000 for the house. Citi-financial was so happy and eager to give me the money that they said, "Just come in with your drivers' license and check stub and will have you ready in now time." Which is what I mentioned earlier.

So, during my lunch break, I hustled up there and gave them the information they required. She looked at my stub and said, "Well, since you make minimum wage, you didn't qualify for th loan amount you asked for. Your going to have to have someone co-sign. Then we can get you fixed up." So I said, "No problem." Now I changed jobs and I new that the minimum wage didn't look all that impressive, but I was getting a shit load of overtime, there explanation was, "We just factor in the regular work hours (40) and that's all. We can't average in the overtime." Which made sense since overtime fluctuates, so I told her I'll have a relative co-sign. She said "sure, and have them call me or come in with you and will get started."

So the next day, my grandfather called and asked if he could co-sign. She asked for his information and then said,"I have to finish up some paper work and I will call you back." He waited the whole day. She never called. Next day. Didn't call. He waited a whole week until he called and asked for the loan manager whom he talked to. The associate on the phone said, "She's at lunch. If you leave your name and number, she'll call you back as soon as possible". Needless to say, she never called back and hasn't till this very day. I just thought it was funny that they were ready to give me a loan and then, turn me down, tell me that I can still get the money if someone co-signed, then the person offers to co-sign and they give us the cold shoulder. Bullshit. They saw how much I made and got scared that I wouldn't pay the money back. I've had loans with them before, I've paid them both off. So it just seemed a little fishy.

Nevertheless, I'm going through my credit union right now and everything is ok. Anyway.. That's my rant about bad service


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