Cogito Eggo Sum (the_ayin) wrote in bad_service,
Cogito Eggo Sum

So, my family switched all our plans to T-Mobile to save money. I pay for my own phone, but keep it joint to my family's account for ease of communication.

Three days ago, I applied for a job that I was really desperate for. The interview went swimmingly, my resume was more than adequate, and it looked like the job was in the bag, which was nice given that I've been self-employed (a.k.a. broke) for the past few months. Fast forward to today, and I haven't heard back. I call the employer and ask what's going on, and they say that they needed someone to start immediately, and that after they tried calling me and found the phone number disconnected, they went on and offered the job to someone else.


My first reaction was to check my account online. Everything's fine, I'm all paid up, I have plenty of minutes. Following this, I call my cell using a friend's land line, and discover that the phone not only does not ring, but that the caller hears over a minute and a half of dead air before my voicemail cuts in, making people think that the phone does not work. Furthermore, calling back to a bunch of potential employers that I applied to revealed that I had missed at least one other job offer, as well as several interviews.

Add to this the fact that last month my phone refused to process a 911 call despite having a four-bar connection to a cell tower, and I'm a little pissed.

EDIT: So, I tried calling T-mobile customer service, and all they said was that I wasn't an authorized user on the account. After a fruitless attempt to explain that the fact they were billing me entitled me to tech support, I finally gave up and let them call my mother (the "official" authorized user). She received a 30-second phone call in which I was accused of being a crank caller, after which they explained that what had happened to me was impossible.

I'm calling Verizon in the morning.
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