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Charlotte Russe from awhile ago

The recent post about Charlotte Russe b_s (ringing up a friend before a prior customer) reminded me of an experience I had just over a year ago at a Charlotte Russe in my local mall here in Olympia.
At that time I was working two jobs, my second job was at Glow Golf in the mall about ten hours a week, mostly just for some fun extra money and because the only other three employees were my friends. This is relevant because the Glow Golf was at the end of the mall, so every time I came to work/left, I had to pass the Charlotte Russe store.

Now, I LOVE shoes, high heels in particular, and CR was having a sale (buy one get one half off or something) and there were two pairs of high heels in the window that I WANTED. I decided to splurge part of my paycheck on these shoes, so on a break from Glow Golf I went into the store. I had never been into the CR before, but I had noticed that the clothes would all be too small for me. I'm a 16/18 (mayyybe 20 depending on brand) and I hadn't seen anything higher than say, a 13, from the window. No biggie, I wear an 8 in shoes and that is the average.

I headed to the back where the shoes were, and noticed that while there were no other customers, the five sales girls (one was a manager) completely ignored me. Fine, whatever, I will just grab these delectable heels and buy them from you. I noticed this was one of those store where they only show a display shoe on the back wall, and there aren't like... boxes for you to grab, so I tried to catch the eye of one of the saleswomen. She looked everywhere but at me, folding already perfect clothes, until I walked over and said, "Excuse me, I was wondering if you could grab me the patent 3inchers in black, with the pointyish toes, and the 4 inch black satin peep toes? in an 8?"

She looked very surprised/relieved and said, "Oh, you wanted SHOES! Oh, okay! I was worried you wanted to try something on!" Thinking that was kind of weird, I let it go as she went to grab the shoes. She brought them out and I loved them, and as she walked me to the register she chatted at me. This was fine until she said, "I'm just glad you didn't want to try any clothes on because like, nothing we have would fit you, you know? hahaha!" Like it was a huge joke! I stopped and stared at her for a second and said, "Is that why you were ignoring me? What if I wanted to buy a gift card or something?" And she kind of tittered, seeing that I was pretty pissed, and said, "Oh, well, you could probably have done that!"

I asked her if she's paid by commission for the shoes and she said (whatever it was, something about a percentage of sales or blah blah, it was a year ago I don't remember) so I asked to be rung up by the manager. The girl was obviously confused but got the manager and as she was ringing me up, I explained what the girl had said/did, and the manager (as she's running my card) looked me straight in the eye and said, "Well, she's right you know, you really are too big for our clothes. Now could you sign this credit slip for me please?" I signed it, flabbergasted, and told her that I would never be spending 75 dollars on shoes again in her store because of the way she and her employee had treated me, nor would I advise my friends, MANY of whom would fit their clothes and like them, to shop there. I then told her I was reporting her to the mall office for discrimination (I worked in the mall, I was WEARING A GG T SHIRT, so obviously she had forgotten that as a mall employee I would know what steps to take) against customers, and she started apologizing and offering me 25% off my next purchase etc, which I declined. I marched my happy butt down to the office and reported the store (pretty sure they got fined) and felt smug the rest of the day.

But seriously?? That kind of treatment is unnecessary! It's not like I pulled out a size 3 pair of jeans and asked to try them on, I wanted SHOES for goodness' sake! The LEAST she could have done is apologized for her employee's behavior, or something, not just validate it like that. True to my word I have not shopped there again even though I adore their shoes (the heels I bought that day are still my two favorite pairs that I own). If I see something I MUST HAVE sometime in the future, I will buy online.


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