like body odor? (b0) wrote in bad_service,
like body odor?

There were two registers and two workers, but only one worker was checking people out. The other was hanging behind the second register talking to her. Ok, whatever. So I get in line. There are two women in front of me, one who is being checked out and another waiting in front of me. Then there is one girl behind me that obviously knew the second worker, because they had been talking. As I am waiting, and the girl in front of me puts her stuff on the counter to get rung up, the second worker moves behind the second register and looks as if she is opening up. Then she turns to look at the line, so I ask "oh, are you open?" and she goes "oh..I, no," points at her coworker (who is still ringing up the woman in front of me) and continues, "she'll help you." So ok whatever, I turn back ahead. Then the woman starts obnoxiously motioning towards her friend and loud-whispering her name. Her friend finally looks up, sees her, and moves towards her register. At this point I was like O__o but I figured that maybe she was doing returns or something? But nope, she then proceeds to ring up her friend's purchases and loudly gossip about people I'm assuming they mutually knew.

I'm generally pretty passive and I guess this wouldn't be a huge deal if it weren't for the fact that I STILL HAD TO WAIT for a while, since the woman in front of me had a lot of items. It wasn't like she was just finishing up and leaving or anything. The woman was obviously open, but she just skipped over me to check out her friend. I tried to catch her eye a couple of times while I waited to give her a look because seriously? Seriously?

Ugh, malls.

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