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An older story..

 So this really didn't happen to me, but my dad a while back. Anyways. :P

[This story comes in later, I promise! :D.. ] My dad had to take a trip up to Oregon because his father had just died. Once he got there and he was discussing the details with his siblings, he got a sharp pain in his side. The pain got worse and worse, and eventually, he couldn't take it anymore. At about 3 in the morning, his brother rushed him to the hospital. Now, they live in a pretty small town, and the nearest hospital was a pretty small facility. They diagnosed him with appendicitis and told him that his appendix would have to be removed, but there was only one doctor on duty. He said the nurse looked kinda worried, and expressed her concern because the doctor was getting on in his years and was on the road to retirement. She asked him if he'd like to reschedule his appointment when they had a better doctor on duty. He refused because he was in so much pain. So, they put him under and removed his appendix. 

He woke up in pretty bad pain and had a HUGE scar on his abdomen. But the cramps were gone and he was relieved. Because he had just gone through surgery and still had not healed, he had to be wheeled out of the hospital in a wheelchair, and was instructed that he'd have to use one until he healed up. 

He had to make an urgent flight back down to California because him and my mother were in the process of buying our house. She couldn't move very well [she was 9 months pregnant with me. :3] and he needed to be present for some reason to sign the papers. So he got on the next plane to California. At this point, he was still in a wheelchair. He was wheeled into the plane, took a seat, and began to mind his own business. An elderly lady had boarded the plane and was having trouble putting her stuff up in the luggage bin. A stewardess came over, glared down at my dad and said, "Excuse me sir, but would you PLEASE help us out?"

Now that's understandable - she might not have known that he was wheeled in. He calmly told her he couldn't. What really floored me was her reaction.

"Oh yeah, right. Another handicap case. Being handicap is no reason to be so INCONSIDERATE."

What the hell?! Okay guys, if you ever become handicap, DON'T use the handicap parking spots because it's INCONSIDERATE to us ABLED people. GAWSH. [/sarcasm]

So he says nothing.

At the doctor's check-up the next week, the doctor flipped the fuck out when he saw his scar. He still has about a 8-9 inch scar across his abdomen. He was told most patient's scars are only about an inch long. O__o Wtf?! Jeez.. I mean, why make a bigger scar if you don't have to ? I don't know, maybe his appendix was giant and had to be removed with less subtle efforts. haha.

Anyways, kinda long but I thought I would share, lol. 

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