southern_hills (southern_hills) wrote in bad_service,

Wally World Oil Change Suck

My Boyfriend changes the oil in my car every 3000 miles.  One time, he drained the oil but couldn't remove the old oil filter.  He tried for over an hour, but it just wouldn't budge.  So he filled it up with new oil and told me it should be ok to drive it with an old filter just this once.  3000 miles later, he tries again, STARTING with the filter.  It still refuses to budge, so he tells me to take it to the Wal Mart tire and lube near my house, and let them deal with the old filter since he would hate to put a hole in it trying to remove it and make the car undrivable.  I  needed to go shopping anyway, so thats what I do the next day.  All is fine, or so we thought.  3000 miles later, he's preparing to change my oil again, crawls under the car and see's THE SAME FILTER HE WAS UNABLE TO REMOVE 6000 MILES AGO!   It was  a brand that Wal-Mart didn't use, and still had missing paint and a small dent from when he'd tried changing it originally, so he was certain they had simply drained and re filled the oil (we hoped) and either couldn't remove the filter or didn't even bother trying.  This time, he did get the filter off, though he ended up jamming a screwdriver in it and using vice grips to make it turn.  I was VERY MAD at Wal-Mart, but couldn't really prove anything, since I had paid in cash and long ago thrown away the recipt.  And it would have been my word against theirs had they denied doing it. So  I just vowed never to return to that location, and advise my friends to do the same thing. 
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