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Mechanical Mischief

Witnessed Suck in action.

My friend at work came in frazzled - her brakes had locked up and she'd wound up at the garage.  The verdict?  Something had happened to the bearings in the rear axle of the truck.  The back end was getting ready to, if not come off, then completely lock up.  I don't know all the details, but it was a serious and legitimate issue.

She's typing next to me and gets the call from the dealership.  (Flexible summer job, no one cares about this and it's an emergency really).  Then I see her go white and say "2500 dollars??".  She tells them she needs to consider, hyperventilates a bit, rants a bit.  The custodian in the building, a real nice guy, suggests she shop around because there's got to be someone to do that for a better price.

Lo and behold?  Another place will do the same for 1300.  Including parts and labor.  Now, why then was the other place's price more than a 1000 dollars higher?  

If that's not sucky enough, today solidified it.  She went to the dealer (awkward, she admitted) to tell them she was getting the car towed.  As she put it, she simply told them her husband wanted to deal with it, she was waiting on his decision.  (Not exactly true; she didn't want to explain the entire thing to them.  Besides - her truck, her money to tow, enough already.) They tried to persuade her otherwise, and then had the gall to say, "Well, I don't know what the relationship between you and your husband is, but..."  He's lucky she didn't take off his head for that one.  She tells them the tow truck is going to be there at X time.

Around X time, she gets a call from the tow truck driver, wanting to know again what her license plate number and truck make is, because the dealership is giving him a hard time about towing it...just wow.
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