lianetherider (lianetherider) wrote in bad_service,

Scooper's at Long Beach, WA

This irked me; it is by no means the worst service I've ever received but it was late and it was frustrating.

While on vacation in Long Beach it's a family tradition to go to Scooper's for ice cream. They have THE BEST ice cream and they scoop very generously. So, last night at about 10:30 pm (they close at 11pm) my boyfriend and I left our campsite and drove into town for ice cream. It was cold and rainy, which is a logical time for ice cream I think :D

They must have a new manager at Scooper's...

We walked in the open front door and I spotted one of the girls pushing a cart full of closed tubs of ice cream towards the back freezer. Seeing the manager sweeping, I approached her and asked, "Is it too late to get ice cream?" Which since I had just seen the girl putting ice cream away, seemed like a logical question to me. She looked at me and in a "here's your sign/you're an idiot" tone of voice said, "Is that door open? Is it? It is, right? *I nod, slightly shocked* Okay, so, when the door is open it means you can still get ice cream. Right up til eleven. And I guess we'll let you look at the ice cream flavors, normally we just have you pay and then you tell your scooper what you want, but I have to finish sweeping so go ahead". This whole speech was in the tone you'd use for an especially high strung or silly 4 year old.

I was ready to just turn around and walk out at that point, I mean, HELLO, we understand how to buy ice cream since it's posted all over the store, and PS I'm going to need to read your 50-bajillion flavors to decide what I want! So thanks ever so much for letting me browse.

I probably was more irked by it than I should've been but really? My question wasn't out of line, based on the putting away ice cream situation.

PS The ice cream was DELICIOUS and the scooper was great.
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