sea_haven (sea_haven) wrote in bad_service,

Irritated with Kroger and their deli

I worked at kroger, I know the policies, standards, etc...I specifically worked in the deli, so again, I know the freaking deal.

I needed shaved honey ham for a recipe, not a problem right?  So off to the local kroger I go. The slicer that guy was about to use was filthy, quite literally covered in hot pepper turkey drippings, and as I am allergic to pepper, I ask for him to use a different slicer....and the shit hits the fan.

The guy starts screaming how this is his job, and I can fucking(and that is exactly what he said), deal with it or leave, slams the ham down, and walks away.  His coworker is standing there with a deer in the headlights look, and asks if I'd like a manager. Manager comes, is told the story, asks if I still want ham, and them just shrugs it off. 

On top of that, the girl who was left, was new, and did not know how to shave ham properly.  She did at least try, and I finally ended up just going to another store. Corporate was called, he was reported, the manager was reported, and the last time I checked, the guy was gone and has never been back.

I understand having a bad day, but blow off your steam somewhere else, and not on customers.
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