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Torrid suck?

Dunno if it's really a suck, but.

My boyfriend and I had gone to the mall to go get some new air fresheners for his car, and afterward I had wanted to go to Torrid, since I had seen some clothes in another Torrid at the mall closer to my house that I wanted to get.

So I go up to the register to pay after I find everything I want to get. The lady at the register after I had walked up and set my things down on the counter said, "oh, i'm checking someone else out right now." so I figured, mmkay. This other customer was STILL PICKING THINGS OUT FOR AN OUTFIT. I could understand if it was like one thing (since they have rings and perfume right up front where you check out) but she was still picking clothes out while I wanted to check out. And the cashier is giving her advice on what she should pick out while i'm standing there. And my boyfriend has to drive another hour round trip to take me home and get home so he can go to bed in time to get up at 4:30am for work.

At this point, my boyfriend was getting really pissed off, and I was so close to walking out of the store and just leaving the stuff I had got there. I had set aside the clothes that I wanted at the counter when I found out that she was still ringing up the other chick. I waited around for at least 10 minutes before she was even CLOSE to checking out.

And after I thought she was done, since I saw her recepit in hand, she then had another "problem" that she had to talk to the manager (i believe) but it turns out that the customer was wrong. The cashier and this customer were talking for another couple of minutes while i was standing waiting around waiting to pay.

While she rang me up, she asked me if I found everything okay, twice. I really don't like repeating myself. The cashier also tried to make small talk, and I really don't like it when they do that. And when they ask me WHY I am getting new clothes. And do I LOOK like i'm in high school? Especially If I have a credit card, and after you look at my ID and see that i'm over 18? And I don't particularly want to know about your life story, mmkay Torrid employee?

Even my boyfriend said that when he worked at Hallmark, he would suspend peoples' transactions when they were still shopping to help another customer. Also, the (like I said, might have been) manager wasn't helping even though there were at least two other people in the store.

The other Torrid that I go to (which is closer to my house) never ever has this bad of service. They always jump up to help and have at least two people ringing up people to check out.

TL;DR : I go into Torrid to buy clothes and even though I'm ready to check out, another customer is STILL shopping even though she's checking out, cashier is still helping her pick things out to buy.
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