left and leaving (left_andleaving) wrote in bad_service,
left and leaving

I am so upset right now. I ordered chinese food today. I called at about 2pm because I don't have any groceries and I'm sick and tired and just wanted some food to be delivered to me. the first girl that I spoke with told me that they were taking deliveries at that time, and transferred me to someone who could take my order. the girl that I was transferred to told me that they didn't actually start delivering until 4, but she could take my order then. fine, whatever.

so I give my order to her, and she obviously has no idea what she's doing. she puts me on hold repeatedly. then she asks for all of my info again, saying she has a problem with her computer. finally, she seems to have managed to get it done, gives me my total and tells me my order will be here between 4:30 and 5.

5 o'clock rolls around, and there's no food. so I call back and the girl I speak to informs me that delivery time is normally an hour and a half, so my order should be there by 5:30. I ask her to check in the system and make sure that my order is there since the girl I had been speaking to previously had such a hard time inputting the order. she takes my name, puts me on hold for a ridiculously long time, then comes back and tells me that yes, my order has been sent out with the driver, it should be there shortly.

6 o'clock rolls around. still no food. I call back, and speak to another girl, inform her of the situation. she says "if the other girl told you it was sent out, it should be there soon. we've had a lot of delivery orders". she didn't even look in the system. I got pissed off at her and hung up. now I'm mad, so a few minutes later I call and ask to speak to a supervisor. again, I'm put on hold. finally a supervisor comes on the line, I explain the situation, and he puts me on hold while he "looks in to it". but instead, someone ELSE picks up the phone and I have to explain the situation AGAIN.

so this guy looks in the system, and lo and behold, MY ORDER WAS NEVER EVEN PLACED! so he'll go ahead and place it for me now, but it's going to be another hour and a half wait. I'm sick, cranky, I feel like shit, and all I've had to eat today was a handful of crackers because I have no food in my apartment and I've been waiting for this stupid order that was never even placed. and I wouldn't have been so upset if this situation had been rectified the first time I called back in!

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