Jenn(ifer) (makeit_sincere) wrote in bad_service,

Sonic "I can't give you that information" Suck

Boyfriend got home last from work tonight, so around 10pm we decided to hit up Sonic. The one by our apartment is under new management, which we hoped would be a good thing. Previous experience there has been one of snail paced service, but not really bad service.

We ordered a #6 (chicken toaster) with fries and Dr. Pepper, 2 corn dogs, chili cheese tots, and a Strawberry Limeade chiller. Girl taking our order repeats it back properly (as in, she clarifies it's a combo for the #6) and we pay with debit. Order comes out and is missing fries. Ticket says chicken toaster, no drink. But we got the drink? Okay. Boyfriend hits the little red button and explains that he's missing his fries.

Girl taking the order IMMEDIATELY gets an attitude. "You didn't say you wanted fries!" He explains yes, he did. He said #6 with fries and a Dr. Pepper. She says she'll have to charge us because we're wrong, he never said anything about getting a combo. At this point, boyfriend is irritated but hungry so he gives me that pathetic 'can you deal with this later?' look. He's a manager at Pizza Hut, he deals with shit like this all day long so when we go out and stuff like this happens, he'd rather me handle it.

We're still in the parking lot when I call. I ask for a manager. She gets on the phone and I explain that we were just there and we were missing our fries and she cuts me off. Conversation as follows:

Me: Hi, I was just there and our order was missing fries--
Her: No it wasn't, you didn't order fries.
Me: Well, combos come with french fries and there weren't any in our bag. We told the carhop but she said we had to pay for them.
Her: Yeah, you do.
Me: But we ordered them.
Her: No, you didn't.
Me: Okay fine, can I get your name and the name of your general manager?
Her: Why?
Me: Because I'm going to call corporate since you're not giving us very good service right now.
Her: I can't give you that information.
Me: *thinking* Aren't you wearing a name tag that ANYONE can see?
Me: Um, I just need your first name.

Me: o_O *hits redial*

Me: Hi, I need the name of your manager on duty as well as your general manager.
Person who answers: No *click*

Me: O_O WTF *hits redial* Hi, I need the name of your manager and your general manager please.
Her: I don't have to give that information to you it's none of your business.
Me: That's fine, I've got the location number, the time we ordered, etc. Corporate will be able to find out the name of the manager on duty.
Her: FINE. It's JESSICA. *click*

I turn right around and call Sonic's customer service line. I explained everything calmly and they took my information, so at the very least, I see some free drinks in my future.

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