Tak (ditaykan) wrote in bad_service,

ULTA bad service

So, I got an ULTA card a while ago, just to use in the shop. Then, I decided to use it on the online ULTA store, because it was an 'online only' sale. My card wouldn't work when I tried to log it in, because the name apparently wasn't right.

So, the next time I was in the ULTA store, I checked it out. And found out my card was registered to an 'Amy E.'

My name isn't Amy, and my last name doesn't start with anything that even looks like an E. I bring this up at the counter, basically asking what's going on and what I can do to fix it. The associate looks kind of bored, but I put that down to not having anything to do and maybe a slow day, figuring her body language will perk up since I'm a customer.

ULTA lady: "Ugh... yeah, she does this a LOT."

Me: "...who does what?" *this has happened before? A LOT?!*

ULTA lady: "Eh, this one girl. She always gets the names wrong."

Me: *and you still let her do it?* "Uh, well... is there anything you can do to fix it?"

ULTA Lady: "Ugh... nah. You can call corporate or something." *just stands there looking at me*

Me: "...can I have the NUMBER?"

ULTA lady: "Fine. Sure." *digs around, procures business card, scribbles something down and hands it to me* "Have a nice day!"

After that, I basically went home and promptly lost the card, but that's my own fault. She still shouldn't have acted like it was a huge inconvenience to help me, and whoever 'she' is shouldn't be allowed to input names if she's that incompetent.

TL;DR: ULTA puts the wrong name on my card, acts like it's a huge inconvenience to help me get started on fixing it, openly acknowledges that whoever they have putting names to cards either doesn't care about getting it right or can't read.

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