Regan (gothic_hamlet) wrote in bad_service,

Step 1 to avoiding food requests: Cover it with other food!

Our family was at a Chinatown restaurant in San Francisco where we had a great dinner, save for my wonton soup that I ate as most of my meal. Chicken wontons were requested, but shortly our waiter came out to inform us that they had accidentally made the soup with prawns instead, and would that be okay? Unfortunately I don't eat shrimp (not an allergy; just a textural thing), which I let them know as apologetically as I could. Not a problem; he returns to the kitchen and a little while later out comes the soup. The top of the bowl is completely covered in over an inch of cut chicken... unusual for wonton soup but I passed it off as a style difference and dug in. The soup was great at first - except for when I went to bite into one of the wontons themselves and found it full of shrimp. Yum!! As best as I can figure, rather than remake the mistaken shrimp wontons, they just tossed a bunch of chicken on top and hoped that I somehow wouldn't notice. WTF?
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