Jess. (badgurl1216) wrote in bad_service,

WTF or Suck?

So, last night we decided to order from this small mom and pop pizza place called Little Italy. Their stuff is super expensive, for some reason, but their ham and cheese sandwiches are to die for. We ordered an XL pizza and a few ham and cheese subs. We also got a chicken parmesan sandwich for my brother with NO cheese.

I go pick it up and check to make sure they got our special order subs right and what do you know? There's cheese on it. I go back in, and this is the conversation that took place:

Old Hag: OH
Me: :D

OH: Did you forget something?
Me: *Obviously holding a sandwich box* Yeah, this was supposed to be no cheese.
OH: No one told me.
Me: I told the girl on the phone when I placed the order.
OH: It wasn't on the ticket.
Me: Well, I had...Okay.

I was going to tell her I had the girl on the phone repeat the order because of the special stuff I needed done to the sandwiches, and she read it back perfectly, so I don't know where the confusion was. She didn't even go grab the ticket to make *sure* it wasn't on there, just got defensive right away. She walked off with the sandwich before I had a chance to tell her I had the girl read it back to me. I'm standing there expecting her to make me a new one, and she comes right back over to me and says:

OH: Here you go.
Me: *Just looks at her.*
OH: I just picked it off.
Me: You just..picked the cheese off? My brother is allergic. (He's not really allergic, but he can't eat cheese, he has stomach issues. I didn't feel it was necessary to lay it all out like that. I hope this doesn't make me a customers_suck)
OH: That's okay, it didn't melt enough to stick to the bread or anything. I picked it off and put a bit more marinara on it to cover it up.
Me: Um..Okay..

I left and went home and told my mom about it, she said she was going to call back and complain but I don't know if she did. The owner/manager is never there, so I don't know what good it would have done. I don't know if you guys found it bad service, but I thought it was kind of crappy. ;[
Tags: allergies, customers shouldn't get what they want, deli/sandwich shop, you gotta speak up

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