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Oh, Best Buy. These are old, both of them, but I was reminded by other Best Buy posts.

After I'd had my laptop about a year, it wound up with multiple viruses despite having anti-virus software that my school required to use the network. Oh, joy. I took it to Best Buy, as I had a warranty. The warranty, of course, did not cover software issues. I paid $160 for virus recovery. It didn't work, and I had to pay another $100 for the OS to be re-installed. The part that kills me is that they told me that because of the nature of the problems, they really should have just reinstalled the OS and charged me only $100, but because the guy dealing with me was a brand-new manager and didn't know that, they had done the wrong thing first and I was SOL. I asked them- if it was their mistake, why am I the one who's out $160? I was a college sophomore, taking way too many classes and working about ten hours a week for federal minimum wage. Seriously. They also kept calling me and telling me the computer was ready, and I'd drive the forty miles only to be told that it wasn't ready yet and to come back the next day. Did I mention that I was taking 24 credits not counting extracurriculars like rehearsing because I was a music major? I was PISSED at all the extra trips over a fucking mountain.

Disillusioned by that experience, when my laptop started running slowly and overheating a year and a half later, I reluctantly took it to a different Best Buy. They said nothing was wrong. It suddenly hit me a few days later that it was probably the fan because overheating + loud fan = very likely need for a new fan. I took it in and told them I just wanted the fan replaced, I didn't need a diagnostic or ANYTHING done in the store. It was covered by my warranty, and that part was fine. The new fan worked fine, no more overheating. However, I was in Falls Church, VA when I sent it out, but I was going to be in Staunton by the time it was done, so I asked if it could be shipped to the Charlottesville store (again, 40 miles from Staunton, but better than the roughly 150 miles from Falls Church to Staunton, right?). The Geek Squad guy who was not actually in uniform told me it was no problem.

Two weeks later, they called to say that my computer was ready to be picked up. Where? You guessed it. Falls Church. I said no, the Geek Squad guy who took the laptop said it could be sent back to the BB in Charlottesville. The guy on the phone copped a huge attitude and said they didn't do that, if I wanted it shipped to a different BB, it'd be $25 (and of course I'd still have to drive over the mountain to get it), and was really rude about the fact that I didn't know the name of the person who'd taken the computer. I wish I could remember what he'd said, but it was mostly the tone of how stupid and unhelpful I was for not knowing his name or that they didn't ship back to a different store that bothered me. He did say something along the lines of "Which guy? Geek Squad isn't descriptive, you know. There are several of them and I don't know who was working that day!" I snapped that it wasn't my fault that he hadn't been wearing a uniform and said nevermind and hung up so I could go to class, because he'd called me literally three minutes before my class started, while I was waiting outside the classroom. After class, I called back and talked to the customer service people. I told them that I'd been promised that my computer would be shipped to Charlottesville, and that I was unhappy with the attitude of the person who'd called me before. All I wanted was for them to ship it to Charlottesville without charging me, but the CS rep was amazingly nice and helpful and without my asking for it, he had the computer shipped directly to me at school at no cost. So it's definitely bad_service turned good_service in this case.
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