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Lady Norbert

I don't know who lives in my house?

This probably constitutes WTF service more than bad_service, but it had me pretty upset. It's the reason I will never patronize Suncoast again. Suncoast, in case you're unfamiliar with the chain, is a store that sells movies and movie-related merchandise. They will also buy back used DVDs for cash or store credit, which is relevant to my post.

This afternoon I took my friend Jessica with me to the mall to visit a couple stores, including Suncoast, where I wanted to downsize my DVD collection a bit. When exchanging DVDs for cash at Suncoast, you must present valid photo ID, which I knew and was prepared to do. After the DVDs that they were willing to accept had been scanned, I handed over my driver's license.

The guy operating the register put my info into the system and said, "Do you know Brian?"

"....pardon?" I couldn't help thinking this was a very odd question.

"Do you know Brian?"

"Not off the top of my head," I said. The only Brian I could think of was my childhood friend who now lives several states away, and I couldn't for the life of me imagine why that would be relevant.

"He lives at your address."

"What? Nobody named Brian lives at my address." Bear in mind, the only people who live at my house are my husband (whose name is not Brian) and myself. We've lived at the same address for eleven years and have been the homeowners since 2006; prior to that, the property was owned for more than twenty years by my grandparents (and my grandfather's name was not Brian either).

"Yeah, it's right here. Brian Bylasco." He proceeded to spell the last name, all the letters of which I'm not entirely able to remember, but I do remember it starting with B-Y -- it stuck in my mind because I thought it was weird. "What's your phone number?"

Confused now, I gave him my cell phone number, which is what I always use when making these transactions.

"And that's the house number?" he asked.

"No, that's my cell number." I pulled out the phone and held it up. "My house number is [number that is nothing like my cell number]."

"Well, according to our system, that's the address and phone number of Brian Bylasco."

"Well, your system is wrong. He must have given you the wrong information, or it was copied wrong, or his ID was fake."

"Oh, no, you can't fake a state ID." (Cue me thinking Since when? but I didn't argue.) "And he would have had to show a driver's license when he made his exchange, so our system can't possibly be wrong."

Basically (and I know I forgot to say this on my initial posting, sorry), he was acting like either I was a liar or I have no idea who lives in my own house. He also didn't seem remotely concerned about the fact that I was disturbed by his telling me all of this. I have a pain condition which is severely affected by tension, and my back was starting to seize up, so instead of asking for a manager I just finished the transaction and got the hell out of there. I did reiterate, once more before leaving, that there's no such person living in my house, and the guy shrugged.

I'm glad my friend was with me, as she bought me a Cinnabon to make me feel better and helped to calm me down until the pain stopped. Once we finished lunch and our other errands, I dropped her off and came home to use my Google-fu. I can find no online record of anyone other than my husband or myself living in my house, and there's been no strangely-addressed mail coming to our house and no calls being placed to my phone asking for anyone besides me. So I'm inclined to think that Suncoast botched something in their computer system rather than that there's someone running around claiming he lives in my house.

The thing is, I'm not sure what I should do, if anything. I don't have the employee's name, so I don't know if I can call the store and report this bizarre incident to a manager. But why in the world did he ask me in the first place if I knew this person? Am I right in thinking this is on the unprofessional side? And why did he continue to argue with me about the matter, as if I don't know who lives in my own house? It's a single-family residence, so it's not like there's an apartment or anything. I'm supposing that the best thing I can do is write them off and never go there again, but the whole thing is so very WTF that I'm not even sure what to think.

TL;DR -- Guy at the movie store tells me that someone else made an exchange and listed my address and phone number as his contact information, then proceeds to argue with me that this can't be wrong.
Tags: "i'll not be coming back here", huh?, i don't know why it says that, identity theft, it's only bad service if you die, maybe they were zombies, say my name say my name, tagger tags with love
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