Yessir (vonlisbon) wrote in bad_service,

Eyeball/allergy update

In January I was given a "year's supply" of contact lens solution that expired mid-year.
In July I was given a six-month supply of contact lens solution I am allergic to.
I went back yesterday and explained my situation. They were very understanding and offered me an alternative solution, since they no longer carry my precious Opti-Free Replenish. We both scoured the bottle and it didn't say anything about a nickel allergy, though it did say "if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, do not use." I checked the ingredients and nothing jumped out as "hey, this is nickel" but nor did anything on the previous bottle that did warn against nickel allergies. They gave me a sample size and said to come back if there is any issue. There was. It burned. It sucked. Even worse than the stuff that was marked anti-nickel allergy. This is just stupid because, you know, I've been using the Opti-Free for years now and it works and I like it and this is just not worth the searing pain.

I went back today and the same person I spoke to yesterday was there.

Me: Hiii. :( This was worse than the other stuff.
Receptionist: Well, that's all we have.
Me: What do you mean?
Rec: We only carry that solution and the stuff you're allergic to. That's it.
Me: (trying to stay composed 'cause I'm frustrated as hell) ..... you know..... okay..... this really isn't worth the trouble it's turning out to be. Can I just grab three extra pairs of contacts and we'll call it a day? I mean, if y'all don't offer any contact solution that I can use, I just don't see the point. I like my Opti-Free and it's always worked for me so I'll just go buy that myself.

NB: My free-year-of-solution deal also came wiht a free-replacement-contacts-any-time-no-questions-asked deal. w/f/e I might as well get something out of this deal since I paid for 12 months of free solution and only got 6. Plus I already needed one extra pair and figured the other two would last me through any possible problems through the end of the year so I wouldn't have to come back. It's partially passive-aggressive revenge, I'll admit. Whatever. I paid for unlimited, no-questions-asked replacements.

Rec: *Huff Puff* Fine. *Goes to the back to grab my lenses*
Other Receptionist: Ummm, I think our Walnut Street office carries Opti-Free. You could go there and get the rest of your supply for free. I'll call them.
Me: Oh, thank you. Yeah, that would be great.

The other receptionist picks up the phone and dials.

Other Rec: Hiii, this is Whoever from Other Office, I have a patient here who is allergic to, like, everything and has refused everything we've given her. She says she likes Opti-Free, can you guys just put a 6 month supply of that on hold and she'll come get it in a minute? Okay, thank you! Bye!

Aaaand the rest is irrelevant because holy crap what the hell.
WOW, I'M SO SORRY YOUR OFFICE DECIDED TO CUT BACK TO ONLY CARRYING TWO KINDS OF CONTACT LENS SOLUTION, BOTH OF WHICH I AM ALLERGIC OR AT LEAST HIGHLY SENSITIVE TO. I'm allergic to ONE ingredient that is apparently in BOTH solutions. Obviously I'm just trying to make your job difficult. Wtf did they want me to do? I can't use the whopping two solutions you carry. This isn't some bizarre personal preference, I cannot put that stuff in my eye. God forbid I "refuse" their solution for that reason. Sorry that whoever was in charge made the shitty decision to reduce their stock to only two variations of a single brand.
Don't worry, I've learned my lesson and will not be returning. My Rx expireSSSS (not expireD) in January so I guess come December I'll just order a year or two's supply online for way cheaper and get solution that doesn't burn my eyeballs off. Thank the head Doc for me, k?
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