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Michigan Notary Service

So if you don't live in Michigan, you may promptly skip over this post.

tl;dr: Ordered notary supplies. Received everything except the notary law book. Tried to get company to refund, was hung up on.

At the end of March, I ordered notary supplies from Michigan Notary Service.

I ordered a document embosser, a public law and practices guide, and three stamps (acknowledgement, oath, and affidavit).

I received, shortly later (about three weeks) the stamps... then about another two weeks later, came the embosser (which had to be special ordered). This puts us about a month or so past when I initially ordered.

I e-mailed the company asking if the book was on its way as I had received everything else. I received a curt reply (in caps, no less) that the book had shipped. They said they would send it again, however. Satiated at that, I went about my business, until mid-June when I realized... no book had come yet. We have a regular postman at our building who is really cool so I mentioned the scenario to him. He told me that even if they had sent it media mail, from Troy it should've been here by then. He did say he'd keep an eye for it, just in case.

So I e-mailed the company again, asking them about the book and stating it'd been about two months and I had not received anything. They replied (again, curt and in caps) that it was shipped May 15, 2009. I said, okay, I've spoken with my postman and he said anything mailed by then should've arrived by now, and I wondered if perhaps it had been returned or had gotten lost. I mentioned that since I had not received the book I would be okay with a refund instead.

No reply. That was at the end of June. Trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, I waited until early July to call (not email) and ask about it. The woman I spoke with said she would have them resend another one. End of July comes, nothing arrives. I call again and this time, speak with the TOTALLY AWESOME (I'm lying) guy named John who had been sending me all those curt, in-capslock emails the whole time.

I asked him about the book. He said something along the lines of..

John: 'someone from your office keeps calling about this book and I'm not sending another one, there must be a problem in the address that was given to us'
Me: 'it's me that has called and e-mailed, and I've received everything else you've sent, so the book should have arrived as well.'
John:'that's proof that you *got* that book. The book costs me $16.95 to buy and I'm not made of money, I'm not sending another one.'
Me: 'I have not received the book and have been in contact with the post man, who has not seen it either. If you won't send another one, then a refund should be in order.'
John: 'I'm not refunding it, either. It's not my problem it didn't get there. You must have given us the wrong address.'
Me: 'Everything else arrived, so the book should have too.'
John: 'exactly. I don't know what kind of operation you're running over there (!!!!!!!!!) but this is bullshit and I'm not sending you another book and I'm not issuing you a refund.'
Me: 'I have not received the product I ordered and -paid- for. If you will not ship another one, then a refund should be issued. It is not my fault if it hasn't arrived.'
John: 'yes it is. we're not issuing a refund and i don't want to argue with you.'
Me: 'excuse me, but--' *click*

HE HUNG UP ON ME. Can you fucking believe that? Also, pepper in some swear words and you've got pretty much what he said.

So not only am I out like $22 bucks, which I know isn't a big deal but I -really- need that law book (and it's too late to get my credit company to reverse that charge), but now I got some dick guy hanging up on me.

I find out later that it's just him and his wife who run this service. So, that explains that.

I went to the better business bureau of southeast michigan and filed a complaint. Little did I know they forward your complaint to the business to dispute. The guy actually responded and said 'we're a small operation and not made of money and we believe she received that book multiple times'. BBB gave me the opportunity to respond, to which I said that all I would like is either the book, or a refund. It is not my fault that a shipping mishap happened, especially when my regular, 6/7 day postman is on the lookout for it -AND- everything else made it PERFECTLY FINE.

So that's where it is now---

but seriously- if you need notary supplies (and I know that's obscure and totally not a common need)- don't go through them.

Michigan Notary Service
2176 Oakwood Dr.
Troy, MI 48085

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